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Bog beast

Bog beasts are large plant creatures often found in temperate marshes of Azeroth.

These massive plants might be mistaken for a thick clump of vegetation if not for its vaguely humanoid shape and surprising mobility. As the name suggests, bog beasts are massive, shambling monsters that are half plant and half beast. Not much is known about these secretive lords of the swamp except that they are territorial and quite aggressive. Explorers have recorded stories of their immense strength and resilience to harm. Bog beasts are known to wander the Dustwallow Marsh south of the Barrens. Bog beasts use their strength to slam into their enemies, crushing opponents' defenses with their fists and whatever large objects they can throw at them.[1][2]

Bog beasts are also found in the Swamp of Sorrows, Ashenvale, and Teldrassil.[3][4][5][6]

Unlike animals, they reproduce by seeds. In some ways, they reflect the natural order of plants and animals.[citation needed]


  • The plant creatures timberlings and thistleshrubs and the conglomerate elemental creatures tar beasts, while using the same model as bog beasts, are each considered separate types of creatures.[7] Bog beast still remains a broad categorization for the various varieties.
  • These creatures are classified as elementals in the World of Warcraft. However in lore depending on type they vary between being elementals ("timberlings", "thistleshrubs", "tar beasts")[7][8][9] and/or ambulatory plants.[1][10] that being the case, the Warlock can use their Banish spell on them. Something one may overlook due to the fact that they do not look like the usual elementals or demons.
  • The twitching cores of Bloodpetal Sprouts in Un'Goro Crater highly resemble the heads of bog beasts.
  • Loatheb is an undead Fungal monster, a "hideous result of fusing the living plague with Bog beasts of Azeroth".


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