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Bleed is a damage over time debuff that deals physical damage. Most bleeds cannot be dispeled, cleansed, cured, or otherwise removed until the debuff expires. In addition, bleed effects cannot be resisted and ignore armor. Warriors, rogues, and druids all have access to bleed debuffs. There are melee weapons that give a chance to apply bleed effect on targets.


  • Blood Frenzy
  • Deep Wounds
  • Rend
  • Piercing Shots
Hunter - Cat
Hunter - Raptor
  • Savage Rend

Damage increase

There are two talents which increase bleed damage taken by the target, namely the Druid's Mangle and Warrior's Trauma. The effects of these talents do not stack.


Bleeding effects can only be removed through a few means.

  • The dwarven racial ability Stoneform removes bleeding effects.
  • The quest reward trinket [Luffa] stops bleed effects, but will not remove effects added by enemies over level 60.
  • Though not directly labeled as such, the paladin abilities Divine Shield and Blessing of Protection and the mage ability Ice Block remove bleed effects (as well as all debuffs in general in the cases of Divine Shield and Ice Block).