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Battle Shout
Ability warrior battleshout.png
  • Battle Shout
  • None cooldown
  • 10 rage
  • Instant
  • The warrior shouts, increasing the attack power of all party and raid members within 30 yards by X. Lasts 2 min.
Usable by
Radius30 yards
Booming Voice, Commanding Presence
Other information
Related buff
Ability warrior battleshout.png
  • Battle Shout
  • Increases your attack power by X.
  • Duration: 2 minutes
"For Lordaeron!" "For Khaz Modan!" "For the Horde!" Azeroth has heard them all.[1]

Battle Shout is the first shout a warrior receives. It costs 10 Rage. As a shout buff, it affects all party members in its range, increasing their Attack Power.

Rank table

Rank Level + Attack Power Cost
1 1 15 10c
2 12 35 10s
3 22 55 60s
4 32 85 1g 40s
5 42 130 3g 20s
6 52 185 5g 40s
7 60 232 6g 50s
8 69 305 7g 10s
9 78 548 26g


Booming Voice increases the area of effect and duration.

Commanding Presence increases the attack power bonus.

Glyph of Battle increases the duration by 2 minute.


Does not stack with Commanding Shout from the same warrior. Does stack with Commanding Shout from a different warrior.

Does not stack with Blessing of Might. The stronger of the two will take precedence.

Tips and Tactics

Keep this active all the time, whether solo or in a group. In the long run, the extra damage will earn back the 10 rage it costs, and more damage is rarely a bad thing.

The maximum rank, giving 548 AP, equates to an additional 39 DPS per weapon in the group, not counting off-hand miss rate or other mitigation.

Threat generation

Before Patch 2.0.1, Battle Shout generated 55 threat for every party member who received the buff. This made it better than Demoralizing Shout for gathering groups of mobs for AoE. It was also used frequently in Phase 1 of the Nefarian fight in BWL.

However, as of patch 2.0.1, Battle Shout has been 'fixed'. It now generates about 50 threat total[citation needed], no matter how many party members got the buff. The old days of Battle Shout tanking are quite over.

The threat generated is not restricted by range (unlike Demoralizing Shout), and is divided among all the mobs that have the warrior on their hate list.

Patch changes

  • Template:Patch 3.2.0
  • Template:Patch 3.0.2
  • Template:Patch 2.0.1
  • Patch 1.6.0 (patch date:2005-07-12):  
  • Patch 1.3.0 (patch date:2005-03-07): Rage cost reduced. 


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