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Base Health refers to how much health your character has before it is modified by talents, stamina, enchants, and other item effects. A few spells require a percentage of your base health to be cast, including Bloodrage (16%) and Soulshatter (8%).

The value is dependent on class only, not on race.

Base health values at level 80

These are the correct values as of Patch 3.2.

Class Base health value
Death Knight 8121
Druid 7417
Hunter 7324
Mage 6963
Paladin 6934
Priest 6960
Rogue 7604
Shaman 6960
Warlock 7164
Warrior 8121

How to calculate base health

As stated above, the base health is only dependent on your class. Each race will have the exact same base health. The calculation is quite simple.

Base Health = Max Health - Health From Stamina


  1. Health From Stamina is given by hovering your mouse over the Stamina stat on your character screen. The part that says "Increases Health by XXXX" is how much Stamina is boosting your max health.
  2. Some talents boosts your max health by a flat percentage. You should remove the effect of this talent before doing the computation. So if it says you have 11000 health and you have +3% health then you would divide 11000 by 1.03 before you subracted the amount of Health it says you gain from Stamina.
Example : Kalium - 80 Human Warlock - Total Health 16505. Stamina Increases Health by 8860.
16505/1.03 (Fel Vitality) = 16024
16024 - 8860 = 7164 Base Health

Some of these values can be verified in-game with the few spells that use base health.

For example, at level 80, Bloodrage on a level 80 Warrior costs 16% of base health which in game shows up as 1299 health. 16% of 8121 is 1299.36 (the numbers all get rounded down).