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Bane of Doom
Spell shadow auraofdarkness.png
  • Bane of Doom
  • 40 yds.  range
  • GCD cooldown
  • 15% of base mana
  • Instant cast
  • Banes the target with impending doom, causing X Shadow damage every 15 sec. When Bane of Doom deals damage, it has a 20% chance to summon a Demon guardian. Only one target can have Bane of Doom at a time, only one Bane per Warlock can be active on any one target.
Usable by
Impending Doom, Doom and Gloom, Pandemic.
Related debuff
Spell shadow auraofdarkness.png
  • Curse
  • Bane of Doom
  • Suffering X Shadow damage every 15 seconds.
  • Duration: 1 min

Bane of Doom (formerly Curse of Doom), or BoD for short, is a warlock Affliction spell that tags a target to be hit with Shadow damage every 15 seconds over the duration of one minute. Each tick has a 20% chance of summoning a Demon Guardian.

Talent improvement

It has been suggested that Shadow Mastery does not improve this spell.[citation needed]

  • Impending Doom increases the chance that a Demon Guardian will spawn by 10% each rank, up to 50%.
  • Doom and Gloom increases the crit chance by 4% per rank, up to 8%.
  • Pandemic reduces the Global Cooldown on all bane and curse spells by .25 seconds per rank .


Prior to Patch 4.0.1, Bane of Doom was Curse of Doom. Curse of Doom lasted for 60 seconds and dealt one large hit of damage at the end of its duration when there was a minor chance that a Doomguard would be summoned.

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