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An axe (aka ax) is an edged weapon usually constructed of a short, broad blade attached to a pole. The form of the blade varies widely, and the pole is usualy short, although some have a polearm-like longer one, for example: Ramaladni's Blade of Culling. Axes come in one-handed or two-handed varieties

  • Both one-handed and two handed axes can be wielded by Death Knights, Hunters, Paladins, Shamans, and Warriors. Rogues can wield only one-handed axes.
  • Axes can be enhanced by Enchanting, poisons by Rogues, and by Sharpening stones.
  • The orc race has both the One- Handed Axe and Two-Handed Axe specializations, which now gives 5 additional Expertise points with these weapons.
  • Many one-handed and two-handed axes are craftable via the Blacksmithing profession. Blacksmithing also offers other weapon enhancements, such as Weapon chains and Counterweights.

Vs. Other Melee Weapons

Swords, Maces, and Axes come in both one-handed and two-handed varieties.

  • Swords and Axes are virtually identical for the purposes of the game. Some classes can wield axes but not swords, such as Shaman, or have specializations in one or the other. But damage and enhancement effects are the same.
  • Axes can be temporarily enhanced through Sharpening stones, whereas maces and staves are enhanced through Weightstones.
  • Daggers and one-handed axes have essentially the same mechanics except that daggers must be wielded by Rogues to activate certain abilities.
  • All two-handed weapons, including two-handed axes, polearms, and staves, have essentially the same game mechanics.

Notable Axes

(Two-handed unless indicated)

  1. Inv axe 24.png [Dark Edge of Insanity]
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Inv axe 21.png [Draconic Avenger]

  1. Inv axe 09.png [Arcanite Reaper]
  2. Inv axe 26.png [Blessed Qiraji War Axe], one-handed
  3. Inv axe 35.png [Ancient Hakkari Manslayer], one-handed
  4. Inv axe 08.png [Hatchet of Sundered Bone], one-handed
  5. BC Devastation (weapon)
  6. BC Axe of the Gronn Lords
  7. BC Gorehowl
  8. BC Axe of the Nexus-Kings
  9. Wrath Shadowmourne
  10. Wrath Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter


Patch 2.3: Orc Axe Specialization now affects Expertise with all axes.