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  • Arcanite Bar
  • Item Level 55Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Icon-3D-48x48.png
  • Sell Price: 50s

An Arcanite Bar is a rare metal used in many level 60 recipes. Not only is it a component to making many items, but it is also needed to create Elementium.

This grayish metal looks dull even when tempered, but it holds a keener edge than any other metal on Azeroth. Arcanite is extremely flexible and can be worked into a springy armor that turns aside the mightiest blows. Only weapons, armor, and shields normally made of metal can be fashioned from arcanite; a warblade can be made of arcanite, but a tauren totem cannot.[1]


This item is created by Alchemists using the Transmute: Arcanite ability which requires a skill level of 275 and a [Philosopher's Stone]. The recipe can be learned from Alchemist Pestlezugg in Gadgetzan. NOTE! Transmuting Arcanite won't trigger the shared cooldown.

Materials required
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1x [Arcane Crystal]
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1x [Thorium Bar]

Arcanite Bar as an ingredient


  • Annihilator
  • Arcanite Champion
  • Inv axe 09.png [Arcanite Reaper]
  • Arcanite Rod (used in turn by enchanters to create a Runed Arcanite Rod)
  • Inv misc key 08.png [Arcanite Skeleton Key]
  • Black Amnesty
  • Blackfury
  • Blackguard
  • Corruption (Sword)
  • Ebon Hand
  • Enchanted Thorium Breastplate
  • Enchanted Thorium Helm
  • Enchanted Thorium Leggings
  • Frostguard
  • Gloves of the Dawn
  • Hammer of the Titans
  • Heartseeker
  • Heavy Timbermaw Boots
  • Ironvine Breastplate
  • Invulnerable Mail
  • Lionheart Helm
  • Nightfall (Axe)
  • Persuader
  • Runic Breastplate
  • Runic Plate Boots
  • Runic Plate Helm
  • Runic Plate Leggings
  • Runic Plate Shoulders
  • Sageblade
  • Serenity
  • Stronghold Gauntlets
  • Sulfuron Hammer (used to create Inv hammer unique sulfuras.png [Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros])
  • Titanic Leggings


  • Core Marksman Rifle
  • Delicate Arcanite Converter, used to make:
    • Spell shadow mindbomb.png [Arcane Bomb]
    • Arcanite Dragonling
    • Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope
    • Bloodvine Goggles
    • Bloodvine Lens
    • Voice Amplification Modulator
    • Zapthrottle Mote Extractor
  • Flawless Arcanite Rifle
  • Force Reactive Disk


  • Cloak of Warding


  • Smelt Elementium

Arcanite Bar as a quest objective

  • N Warlock [60] Arcanite
  • A Paladin [60] Collection of Goods
  • H Paladin [60] A Gesture of Commitment
  • N [60] The Good News and The Bad News
  • N [60+] Breastplate of Bloodthirst
  • N [60+] Leggings of Arcana

The Tier 3 armor quests at Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands (Only available after completing N [60] Echoes of War.) Please note that the following have been removed from game as of patch 3.0.2.

  • N Rogue [60R] Bonescythe Bracers
  • N Rogue [60R] Bonescythe Breastplate
  • N Rogue [60R] Bonescythe Gauntlets
  • N Rogue [60R] Bonescythe Legplates
  • N Hunter [60R] Cryptstalker Boots
  • N Hunter [60R] Cryptstalker Girdle
  • N Hunter [60R] Cryptstalker Handguards
  • N Hunter [60R] Cryptstalker Headpiece
  • N Hunter [60R] Cryptstalker Legguards
  • N Hunter [60R] Cryptstalker Spaulders
  • N Hunter [60R] Cryptstalker Tunic
  • N Hunter [60R] Cryptstalker Wristguards
  • N Warrior [60R] Dreadnaught Bracers
  • N Warrior [60R] Dreadnaught Breastplate
  • N Warrior [60R] Dreadnaught Gauntlets
  • N Warrior [60R] Dreadnaught Helmet
  • N Warrior [60R] Dreadnaught Legplates
  • N Warrior [60R] Dreadnaught Pauldrons
  • N Warrior [60R] Dreadnaught Sabatons
  • N Warrior [60R] Dreadnaught Waistguard
  • H Shaman [60R] Earthshatter Boots
  • H Shaman [60R] Earthshatter Girdle
  • H Shaman [60R] Earthshatter Handguards
  • H Shaman [60R] Earthshatter Headpiece
  • H Shaman [60R] Earthshatter Legguards
  • H Shaman [60R] Earthshatter Spaulders
  • H Shaman [60R] Earthshatter Tunic
  • H Shaman [60R] Earthshatter Wristguards
  • A Paladin [60R] Redemption Boots
  • A Paladin [60R] Redemption Girdle
  • A Paladin [60R] Redemption Handguards
  • A Paladin [60R] Redemption Headpiece
  • A Paladin [60R] Redemption Legguards
  • A Paladin [60R] Redemption Spaulders
  • A Paladin [60R] Redemption Tunic
  • A Paladin [60R] Redemption Wristguards

The frost resistance armor quests at Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands (Only available after completing N [60] Echoes of War.)

  • N [60R] Icebane Bracers
  • N [60R] Icebane Breastplate
  • N [60R] Icebane Gauntlets
  • N [60R] Ramaladni's Icy Grasp


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