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Anduin Wrynn
Image of Anduin Wrynn
Gender Male
Race Human
Character class Commoner
Affiliation Kingdom of Stormwind, the Alliance
Occupation King of Stormwind
Location Stormwind Keep
Status Alive
Relative(s) Landen Wrynn (great-great grandfather)
Varia and Adamant Wrynn (great-grandparents)
Llane Wrynn I (grandfather)
Varian Wrynn (father)

Anduin Wrynn is the current monarch of the Kingdom of Stormwind. At the age of ten, he was given the crown after his father disappeared under mysterious circumstances while on a diplomatic mission. Not many citizens are aware of the current state of rulership in Stormwind, as the nature of King Varian Wrynn's disappearance has been kept a tight lipped secret. Anduin does the best job that he can for a ten year old boy, and it is believed that he will one day grow to be a wise leader.

Because of his still very young age, he is assisted in his rule by Highlord Bolvar Fordragon and Lady Katrana Prestor, who hold the actual power in Stormwind.

Anduin Wrynn was almost certainly named after Anduin Lothar.

Excerpt from the World of Warcraft Game Manual:
"Anduin is as wise a ruler as any ten-year-old has a right to be. Recently his father, King Varian Wrynn, went missing under suspicious circumstances while en route to a diplomatic summit at Theramore Isle. At the behest of the royal councilor, Lady Prestor, young Anduin was given the crown so that order could be preserved within the kingdom of Stormwind. Though few citizens are aware that their true king has been missing for so long, Anduin does the best he can to allay their fears. It is widely held that the boy will grow to become a shrewd leader one day."


Q u o t e:

Greeting: Greetings citizen.
Greeting: Hi there. Have you heard any news of my father?
Greeting: Enjoying your stay in Stormwind?


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