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Aggro lock is a term used when a character appears to repeat use of an ability or sequence of abilities that creates an aggro building loop. For tanks, this can be a good thing (assuming they can take the resulting damage or are being healed fast enough), but for DPS and especially healers, this can be a very bad thing.


A healer gets mobbed and starts to heal themselves, creating an aggro building loop. Lasts until the healer fails to heal in time and dies, or until finally a tank class (paladin, warrior, Death Knight or druid in bear form) manages to taunt mobs off or a DPS class builds massive threat via damage and builds even more aggro than the healer.

A paladin in the group can spare the healer's life for several seconds by placing [Hand of Salvation] on them. Remember, this aggro loss is temporary and the tank must do their best to build threat on all of the mobs before the spell wears off.

  • If the healer is a priest, [Fade] can be used and stops to heal, while a tank uses a taunt ability and starts building more aggro than the healer.
  • If the healer is a shaman, [Wind Shear] can be used a few times. Also, if [Nature's Guardian] is available, simply wait until your health is 30% and threat would also be reduced.

Note: If the healer uses an ability that reduces threat to save themselves, others aside from the tank in the group might end up targeted instead.

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